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Downloads - 2018 Summer Bible School

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Speaker - Brother Roger Lewis (Christchurch North Ecclesia, New Zealand)

Summer School Theme - Who was the Nameless Man of God?

Intro Study: The Saying and the Word
Study 1: So He Offered on the Altar
Study 2: And there Came a Man of God
Study 3: Now there Dwelt an Old Prophet
Study 4: And they Told it in the City
Study 5: For the Saying Which he Cried
Study 6: And this Thing Became a Sin
Study 7: When it Testified Beforehand


Summer School Special Study - 1st Night

The Story of the School of the Prophets


Summer School Youth Classes - The Challenge of Humanism


Summer School Exhortation

And the Lord Struck Him and he Died


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